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Our Story

Robert's Roost: Our original "Bethel" that now has a new name.


Tom Timm, owner of Bethel Mountain Rentals, always wanted a place where families and church groups could retreat. His dream became a reality when he purchased the mountain home from the Robertsons, in 1998. The Timm family originally called their new retreat, "Bethel," which means, "Meeting place with God." As Tom's dream grew, he purchased another home near Bethel. The entire property became known as Bethel, but as a matter of distinction, the original mountain home dons its new name, Robert's Roost, and the new house is known as The Sebring House.

The Sebring House​


The Sebring House is a special place to Tom Timm and the entire Timm Family. Mr. Sebring, who built the house in 1985, was a good customer of Custom Woodcrafter, Tom's woodworking business in Summerville, SC. Sebring introduced the family to Burnsville.


The house was built from Heart Pine trees from the Timm's home town of Summerville!


"We have wonderful memories of our stays at The Sebring House, and we are confident you will too!" -Tom Timm

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