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Burnsville is located in beautiful Yancy County. The area is landscaped with glorious mountain ranges and many artists take advantage of the wonderful area as well. There are always fun opportunities, such as craft shows, music festivals, and barbeque cook-offs, to enjoy your time in and around the Burnsville area!

Driving Directions - The Sebring House

Take I-26 to Ashville. Follow the future 26 painted on road as if you’re going to Johnson City, Tennessee. Take Exit 9 to Burnsville, which is US-19. You will stay on US-19 for 15.6 miles until you turn left onto Cherry Lane. You will be turning after you see the Pizza Hut on your left before you turn by the Fast Stop gas station. As you continue on Cherry Lane you will pass Fox Brother’s Store on your right and go right at the sharp curve then your immediate left onto Hickory Lane. Continue on Hickory lane until you see the gravel road, Clear View Lane, where the Bethel sign is located above the mail boxes. Follow the gravel road past the barn on your left, which has a John 3:16 sign, and continue left up the mountain until you get to the first house on the left. The driveway is marked with a sign. You have reached The Sebring House!

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